Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Does your child pay attention to you?   Does he/she want you to see them?  As for me and my son, he now does.  He didn’t used to.   Watch his face tell his story in this little video from Cub Scouts.   (Also watch him twist his fingers to deal with the anxiety.)


I want to share with you interventions I have used, because some will work for you.

You want that “joint attention”, that shared experience.   Whatever experience you have, it doesn’t matter.  What is golden is that you share it,with someone who wants you to notice.




Living with Learning Differences


Hello.   Glad you are here.   My name is Gayle Fisher.

Do you learn differently?   Does someone you know and care about learn differently?  If “yes”, then that’s a lot to talk about together.

My answer is “yes”.   It’s my son.   He’s 8 right now, getting older (and bigger) by the day.   So, like you, I really never stop thinking about learning differently.

I will share back and forth with you so that we can help those we love and care for.

So that we can find peace.

Glad you are here.