Serenity Now?

Tonight I cried, as I often do when I think about the sensory nightmare that my kid and each of our kids must be enduring through.    I was lucky to still be in the car, my best place to weep and grieve.

I hate that I have to be such a strict mom.   For I am.  I have been trained to be that.  It haunts me that his impulse-control choices will only have larger and larger consequences.

At the end of a 7-hour school day, my son pines to decompress like this.   I wait until he says he is ready to go.  It’s quiet freedom, bleeding off everything that accumulates.   I watch quietly, sharing in the pain and victory from afar.  He sometimes wants an audience to appreciate his new tricks.

So, honor your children when they try to show what they need at the end of an endurance.   How they find their serenity now.

They are our heroes, braver than we are.  And we think we are pretty brave ourselves.

Serenity Now













Chance Encounters?

Gifts from showing vulnerability

Do you hide?  With your child’s learning differences?

Maybe you are missing “chance” (no such thing, I say) encounters with the heroism that abounds.

Remember “Desiderata“?          “……and everythere, life is full of heroism.”


Be brave,



Why I Love (and get peace from) Platform University

As a mom of learning differences, I have learned to find an expert, get wise advice, and then implement.   Don’t argue, analyze or rationalize.   Do It.   My young son, currently with special-needs, has greatly benefited from this, and so has my peace of mind.

I heard about Michael Hyatt and found Platform University.   Very quickly, I felt great peace.   I love his simple, step-by-step, always-cheerful, multi-modal instructions.

In addition to a new site/blog/project, I also now have a stand up desk .   I even seriously considered sleeping while standing up.  Hope

Platform University’s team has the bugs already worked out. The forums are full of very wise people who freely share with no evidence of “what’s in it for me?”   I have started increasing my small stale platform, adding new pieces, and going deeper and wider.

For those of us who might feel like we are drowning, not knowing what to do—-now that is over because we get great Platform counsel on what to do.

Then we just do it.

Here is your link:  Platform University