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Encouragement to keep kids moving

IMG_6437_2John is in the white oval, in the gray shirt, on the top level of this platform.

On his knees.

Just like me.

After so many attempts, John finally wanted this badly enough to overcome his fear and pain.

He yelled, “I made it!”

So, keep up with gymnastics, climbing, parks, gross-motor play.

That’s how muscles get stronger, and neural pathways get made.

“Play is the work of children”, wise people say.

Peace be to us,


“I Am NOT Sad”

(so why are you laying that way on the sofa?)

He said he wasn’t sad.

I didn’t believe it.

I laid down next to him, nearly on top of him, and said (what I hoped were) comforting, validating words.Sadness

“It’s OK to be sad” kind of stuff.

Within a minute, he was up and on to the next thing.

Not sad anymore.

I will always believe it is because he felt validated.

Just like in the movie, “Inside Out”, when Sadness validated and built resilience.

Peace be to us,