Closer, Closer to the Flame

You Can Improve Auditory Processing and Sensory Hearing

There was a time this would NEVER have happened.

But we have practiced and have earned the neural pathways to allow for this exploration in the dentist office.closer to the flame

You know this noise: the loud, whining, grinding, hair-raising screech.

So, curious, nervous, drawing closer to his brother and closer to the enemy.

Noise is the enemy.

The weapon of (slow) victory is practice of interventions building new neural pathways to carry the processing load.

Believe in interventions, believe in practice with your kids, believe in pushing sensory boundaries.

Peace to with us,


I am a mom of learning differences, an educator and a former corporate warrior. I help you understand what to do to help your children with learning differences prepare for today so that they can be ready for life. I share with you all that I have learned. We always use a team to have fun and learn together.